Emil Mirzakhanian was born to be a connoisseur and cosmopolitan. Emil’s appreciation for objects of beauty and style was shaped by his childhood growing up in Milan, the fashion and industrial capital of Italy. He started buying and selling art at an early age to clients who were Europe’s top fashion designers, industrialists and museums.

Emil’s inspiration for the M collection was born from the passions that shaped his identity as an art dealer, connoisseur and traveler.

“My idea of travel is the romantic journey of the olden days, when traveling was about the journey, not the destination – packing your belongings in beautiful, custom- made luggage, taking weeks to reach the destination and not knowing what would happen in between ... so I have a romantic vision of luxury and the lifestyle of ladies and gentlemen that is defined by true craftsmanship and select materials, combined with what I have learned from art.”

This passion is what led Emil to create what he creates today – an exclusive line of luxury leather goods. “These are art pieces. We don’t have two of the same exact bags. I am putting my experience, vision, love for art and aesthetics and a particular style of living into creating this product of all my past experiences. I am very selective, with no compromise in beauty and quality.

“Crocodile is not just leather, it is the noble leather. Crocodile leather itself is a work of art. Each crocodile is unique in its pattern and the shape of the body. It is not a mass product ...I look at the crocodile body and I see each new creation from each individual skin. This is the difference between art and mass production. The item itself is so unique, you don’t need a designer logo to define its value ...when your own initials are enough. This is the true luxury of crocodile skin.”